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We Make Private Dreams Come True

With nearly 20 years of experience organizing events, Private Productions, an exclusive boutique event planning company, knows what your event dreams are - and how to best fulfill them. We harness our expertise in organizing exclusive events for the upper elite, across the globe, to perfectly customize every event and create moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Each destination is meticulously selected to create a personal reality that most closely resembles your every event fantasy. If you can dream it, the Private Productions team can make it happen.

The Private Production Process


We start off every event planning process by creating a flexible vision that most closely resembles each client’s unique event dreams, leaving room for adjustments as the need for them arises.


We meticulously search for the ideal, unique location for your one-of-a-kind event. Finding exclusive destinations across the globe that serve as the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories.


We customize every exclusive event to create a fantastical reality. Fully immersing all five senses while aptly integrating the location and the client’s respective styles and spirits.


We partner with expert vendors and suppliers who produce the infrastructure and design elements for each client’s dream private event.


We orchestrate all of the tailor-made elements for each elite client’s event, ensuring a unique look and feel that creates a rare and unforgettable total package.

Grand Reveal

We open the doors to the client’s dream event, ensuring that all the stages of Private Production planning are revealed with the design elements in place and personal touches embedded within.

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